Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Trans Fat Chicken Is Here!

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger recently signed a law that bans trans fat in restaurants across the state of California.

Mrs. Winner's in Nashville Tennessee recently proclaimed the arrival of "Trans Fat Chicken"

Thanks Omid for sending this sweet picture!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Sweet Cab Driver Names

So.... I've decided to dedicate a tiny portion of my life to exposing the "World's Best Cab Driver Names" and these are the two fellers that inspired this mission.

I've got a strong feeling that this guys last name used to be "Butt"
Can i get an Amen by saying that he totally used a sharpie to change the "U" into an "O"
....poor dude must got sick of the Butt jokes

Ladies and Gentleman, I leave you with the classy and elegant "Burger, John"


I didn't believe Phil Space when he recently talked of "Noodling" (the practice and sport of fishing for catfish using only one's bare hands) A quick youtube search proved him right. Anyway this video pretty much sums it all up.....

Jack in the Box?

So lemme just start this puppy off with a lil what the heck...

Doesn't this make you wonder if there is actually a "Jack in the Box"